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Get in contact with the future professionals of Built Environment and learn about the various ways to support us!

The Guild of Surveying Engineers

Who are we?

The Guild of Surveying Engineers is a student association that brings together Aalto University students from the fields of Built Environment, Real Estate, Urban Planning, Transportation Engineering and Geomatics. Our guild room is located in the heart of the Aalto University's main campus, in Espoo, Finland.

We organise events for our members, and keep in contact with the companies of our profession.

The excursion

is targeting central Europe's capital cities Budapest and Vienna. Our aim is to learn as much as possible from the companies and activities related to our fields of study, as one day we will be professionals highly valued throughout the profession.

We will also take the chance to get to know the cities and countries we visit, and most importantly establish contacts for future cooperation

Our funding

is based on collaboration with the companies that support us. We offer unique visibility for companies we work with, and as finnish technical students, we can be counted on to be positively seen and heard!

If You are interested in supporting us, have any questions, or want to support us in other ways, contact us. We are more than keen on making all kinds of collaboration

Our plan of travel

News and updates

Want to support us?

Get in contact

Get in touch and let's figure together how you could have the best possible visibility on our excursion and how you would like to support us. Our four-person team governs the different aspects of the trip, with the full two-dozen students all participating in the arrangements. For support and discussions about your visibility, please contact Tuomo Uusitalo.

Tuomo Uusitalo
Head of the funding and excursions team

email: tuomo.uusitalo(at)aalto.fi
phone: +358 505 273 101

Pyry Haahtela
Leader of the foreign excursion

email: pyry.haahtela(at)aalto.fi
phone: +358 404 808 627

Liisa Mustonen
Head of the travel and accommodations team

email: liisa.mustonen(at)aalto.fi
phone: +358 440 383 845

Emilia Taskinen
Head of the free-time activities team

email: emilia.taskinen(at)aalto.fi
phone: +358 456 369 040